Technical discussion

The technical discussion is divided into several major areas:

  • Concepts: reviewing a few crucial concepts from Computer Science

  • Why blockchain?: offering a mental model for the value of decentralized shared global state

  • Why Monad: decentralization + performance: summarizing some of the existing bottlenecks in maintaining shared global state in Ethereum, and how Monad addresses them

  • Consensus: a summary of the novel aspects of Monad's mempool and consensus layers

  • Execution: a summary of how transactions are executed in Monad, as well as how state is stored

  • Transaction lifecycle: a walkthrough of the lifecycle of a transaction

Monad enables pipelining and optimization in four major areas to enable exceptional Ethereum Virtual Machine performance and materially advance the decentralization/scalability tradeoff. If you'd like to focus on those areas, please see the relevant pages below:

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